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Dominica Calypso Association 2013

Peter PROSPER is giving up his place in the 2013 calypso quarter finals to a newcomer from Morne PROSPER who many believe did not make it past the elimination round because of judging error. PROSPER says he is making the sacrifice to give the young man a chance based on the comments of veteran commentators and former judges (like Ozzie Lewis) who stated publicly that Daddy Miller (Illegal Calypso King)had the best calypso performance at eliminations and therefore deserved to be in the quarters. Of course, as far as the Calypso Association is concerned, PROSPER cannot determine who takes his place if he decides not to compete and so if he steps aside for Daddy Miller, the Association will give his spot to Twana – the first of three reserves. Calypso controversy? or a magnanimous initiative to protect the integrity of calypso as the performance art of relevant social commentary in song?

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