Pat Aaron (facebook piece)

Pat Aaron (facebook piece)

Pat AaronWell another Saturday morning for the Mas Camp assassins. I have always found that fellers who cannot even blow a whistle in the right key, because they have access to the radio by proxy, always see themselves the experts of calypso. They can listen to a piece of a song once and judge the song.

Poor me in my slow understanding of songs, I would have to listen to the song several times before I can assess it. hopefully one day I will become as great as them, but I intend to keep on learning. These four, Matt, the facilitator, Carlisle the declawayer, ( a name he took upon himself). Degalerie, a past headmaster they say, as incredible as it sounds,whose favorite phrase is ” I concur”, and Duncan the passport seller lawyer, whom Angelo asked on the radio how much he gets from the sale of a passport, in three different ways and up to now he has not understood the question, and eventually even a man of words like Angelo ran out of words to make Duncan understand a simple question. ” when you sell a passport, how much do you get”. “How much do you sell a passport for” up to a day like today,he don’t understand such a difficult question
All Duncan had to say was ” NO SPEAKEE ENGLIS – ME FROM DUBAI” and case close. But he can listen to a verse and chorus of the deepest and most subtle calypso and analize it vroom vroom. Angelo you slow man, sing the question to Duncan
when you sell one passport.
To whom do you have to report
how much money you got
Et pas faire comme si ou sot. 


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  1. Pat Aaron says:

    Be on Gods side, be on the side of right and truth, and honesty and what is good. Someone just asked me “What is next. I say, I don’t know, only God knows, and I am following him blindly, so where he leads I will follow, and what don’t kill me makes me stronger. Also it is a great pleasure to work with the Mas Camp Team. Hey guys you all did great work in the face of all the trials and tribulations, you all worked hard and well and the results bear witness to that. Bravo Mas Camp. Our journey Continues.

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