Dice is Dominica Calypso King 2013

‎2012: 1. Dice, 2. Karessa, 3. Webb, 4. Bobb
2013: 1. Dice, 2. Karessa, 3. Webb, 4. Bobb

This is the second straight year that Bobb has done better than Webb (based on any fair, objective interpretation of the judging criteria over two rounds of competition) and the Judges have placed Webb ahead of Bobb.

This is also the second straight year that a Calypsonian who deserved a place in the final four ahead of Webb was inexplicably left out in the cold. Last year it was Soul Puss, this year it is Derose.

Is it at all possible that the MC’s at last night’s Kaiso Monarch Finals were handed last year’s results in error? Doesn’t the public mind have a right to be settled on this very curious and highly unusual occurrence?

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