King Dice releases “Heritage”

Dominica 2014 calypso king dice

Dominica 2014 calypso king diceDominican calypso icon, King Dice, has transitioned into another genre of music with the release of his first cadence lypso album titled “Heritage”. The challenge to try his hand at something other than calypso music was the idea of Dominican musician, the legendary Fitzroy Williams.

Williams will be honored at this year’s World Creole Music Festival for his contribution towards the development of cadence-lypso music over the past forty years. At the official launch of the album, on Thursday night at the Krazy Koconutz, Fitzroy recalled the moment when the deal for the cadence-lypso album was sealed with King Dice. He said, “I said if I met King Dice I’m going to ask him to sing on my album and that same day I saw him on his scooter and I told him I wanted to do an album and wanted him to sing and he said yes. After that we continued working very hard on the album using my musician friends like Freddy, Jerry, Cornell and my new Dominican friend Jussi on that album and I think we did something nice. I was most surprised at the final result of the album” The record breaking King Dice and lead vocalist on the cadence-lypso album is grateful to Fitzroy for granting him such an opportunity to develop his talent with cadence music. “Cadence is something that has been inside of me for a long time so its not something that I am doing for the first time. I started singing cadence with my father when he played his guitar and he and his friends were drinking. As a little boy I sang Chubby and other cadence music. As I said before thank you very much for giving me the opportunity, Fitzroy and other supporters. Thank you for supporting me I love you very much and I am proud to be a part of this movement. Keep supporting and promote the vibes.” Fitzroy is proud of the level of seriousness which King Dice attached to the project. He is hoping that the release of this album will be the beginning of several other similar projects for King Dice. “I would like to say that King Dice surprised me. I knew he was good but not that good. The way he handles everything and himself, the way he sang the songs, the way he participated and the way he gave all he had to the project was impressive. I hope that this was not the last project and as we are on a new journey I want to wish him all the best and elcome him to the strong cadence-lypso family.”

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