We should rally ‘round the Mighty Sparrow

By Ken Smith:

It is with a sad feeling as I write this letter and also with a heavy heart as I looked at a newspaper photograph, and a television clip from an evening newscast as I saw a frail looking ‘Mighty Sparrow’ performing at a concert over the weekend.

The NAPA fest series of concerts came to an end with the performances of calypso bands and to honour calypso greats from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. I was totally outraged by this action, I had no problem with him being seated in the audience as a VIP guest next to the honourable minister and being acknowledged, but from media reports ‘Sparrow’ is the one who insisted he perform, but not in this way he was escorted on stage, and from the television reports he looked very uncomfortable. Dr Slinger Francisco, the calypso king of the World, how could such treatment be meted out to him, shame on the organisers.

The ‘Mighty Sparrow,’ who, we all have come to know when he is performing on stage has his audiences spellbound. He is vibrant and the audience is treated to an unforgettable and memorable experience, he has the crowds singing along, dancing, clapping, cheering him on. But the ‘Sparrow’ we saw over the weekend did not have his audience spellbound as he normally would. Yes there is definite evidence of his illness by his appearance. All I can say is that we need to pray for the ‘Mighty Sparrow.’ Now is the time to rally around him in his illness and the nation wishes him a speedy recovery, we love you Sparrow.

Ken Smith

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